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Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

RENFIELD- Shirts: first limited edition out now!

Hi Folks,
of course it seems a bit strange to announce the first edition of smart Renfield-cothing, if you have a look to the heaven of Berlin in these days. Seems like we'd better invested our money in a bunch nitted polo-neck sweaters. But sweaters are not really the right clothing for a hotch&potch&Rock'n'Roll-Fanzine like we do and so we made good old T-shirts.

Yes, shirts, like everyone needs them for concerts, going to the club, hanging around with friends in the park and wasting your time at an assessment center of a big bad bank.
The shirts are available in sizes S, M, L and XL and in black, dark blue and dark green and you got the famous Mr. Renfield in front. You can get them for just unbelievable 8 Euros (+ package), so have a look at the foto (for the record: I am not that vain, to present myself as a model for these shirts, but as there was no Claudia Schiffer nor a Naomi Campbell available on the Kreuzberg streets, I had to do it by myself)
So if you fancy this holy Renfield-Shirts, just get in contact at renfield-fanzine@hotmail.de and buy the shit out of us!

Gary F.

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