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Sonntag, 22. November 2009

Pictures of the Renfield-Fest

The 25th of Septmember in the year 2009 was a remarkable one - as we celebrated a new issue of the Renfield-Fanzine - if I didn't had to do lots of administrative things referring to the Fachorgan of Krims&Krams&Rock'n'Roll, this entry would have been done much earlier. But there were another important event in RENFIELD - History just a few days ago: The first lecture of Renfield-Stories ever took place in Nov.20th 2009 @ DAS LABOR

Together with Matt Grau and Katharina Lippert it was a great evening with lots of good trash and Rock'n'Roll (Ella Chord and the amazing Elle Chord were playing their 2nd gig ever!) in this amazing place, that I'd like to call a biotope of art and good, cozy strangeness.
Before loading up some pictures of the lecture, here are some photos of the bands that played at the RENFIELD-Party @ WEST GERMANY , Skalitzer Str.133, Kreuzberg: UGLY IGLU, THE DOLPHINS, KUNSTKACKE SOUNDSYSTEM,TILL THE MORNINGLIGHT & THE HOT BAND and PVC (the very special guests). Ah, and a hint for the unknown letter-writer on myspace: WEST GERMANY is the Name of the club, not an emphasis of old, useless distinctions between Ost-, West- and Rest-Berlin.