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Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Vienna in Berlin

Hey Folks,

wanna hear the latest news?
Next week a bunch of good-looking and very creative Viennese will come to Berlin. From Vienna to Berlin. No, shit, it's really true. Austrians that come from Vienna to Berlin, we hadn#t had this for a while, har. Yes yes, it is really crazy, Austrians coming to Berlin, the whole world must have become mad...
But these cute and polite Folks from Austria are not a bunch of tourists, which are a bit late for Bread & Butter-Fashion-show.
What I want to say with this cryptic introduction is, that ZIVATA UTCA (which means "road of thunder storm" and sounds in my furry ears a bit like a good name for an 80ies-hairspray metalband) will play on July, 17th at Sputnik-Cinema in Kreuzberg - AND ...
of course they are not doing any embarassing Metal-stuff, but perform a great Mix of Balkan beats, Hip Hop, Dub, Folk in a really interesting Line-up with accordion, transverse flute, standup bass, drums and lyrics in english, german and croatian.
If you appreciate an evening of good, cheerful multicult music, you must not miss this!

ZIVATA UTCA (http://www.zivatar-utca.net)
@ Sputnik-Cinema, Hasenheide 54, 10997 Berlin (U7, U-Bhf Südstern)
Support: Interzone 0816 (Electro from Vienna)
Doors open: 9 o'clock p.m.
5 Euro

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