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Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010


Heeeey Hoooo,
let's see what's going on. We got a public holiday, some call it Herrentag, some call it Männertag (which means actually the same) and some call it Vatertag - which is slightly different from Herren/Männertag.

But all that matters is the fact that it is a free day surrounden by a bunch of a gauntly normal working week. But let's just enjoy a free day, we all deserved so much.
So I am verry happy to announce the new date for the next RENFIELD-Party.
Renfield No. 22 is supposed to be released on July 23rd. Of Course we will celebrate this again with a good and excesive party.

Fortunately, the SCHOKOLADEN offered us a good date for the party and so we'll do it again on Jule 23rd at the Schokoladen.

IMPORTANT Note!RENFIELD-FEST is NOT, as announced so far - on the 24th, but REALLY REALLY on the 23rd of July.

No Renfield-Party without good live music - and so we are proud like shit to announce that the fabulous Rockers of X.O.X. will play at the RENFIELD-Fest! Check ou their Myspace-Page: www.myspace.com/xoxgermany

Of course there will be more live music, more infos about coming soon, so check this blog regularly!

Sail on (till the 23rd of July),
Gary F.