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Samstag, 26. März 2011


Yeah, springtime is coming
and so I am humming.

Yes, that sounds like a good rhyme and of course I will tell you what I am humming.
My mouth forms the melody of one of my old favourite songs, "Rites of spring". No, not that old First-Emo-band of the Dischord-context, but a tribute title from austrians long forgtten Punk-Heroes TARGET FO DEMAND.
Beside of that announcement of humming, I'd like to recommend you the next date of WORTNIK-Lecture at Sputnik-Kino (check out www.sputnik-kino.com).
It will take place on
Wed., March, 30th, 2011
and here are a few guests we have this time:
Gary Flanell (Renfield-Fanzine)***
Der Fette Mann (from DER FETTE MANN & DJ Tulpe)***
musical support: TRIKE (Electropop/CAN

Start 8.30
@ Sputnik-Cinema, Höfe am Südstern, Hasenheide 54, 10976 Berlin (U7, U-Bhf Südstern)

FREE ENTRY! (but donations are welcome)
GUEST READERS ARE WELCOME (and will get 100 Dollars, ye ye)

Enjoy your weekend,
Gary F.