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Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

Dawning of a New Fanzine!

Ladies and gentlemen,

before the world will totally change in 2012, there is still time to do some needful things in life, for example to announce the birth of another great piece of DIY-magazine.
The very first issue of the mighty GOSSENDELPHIN-Zine is about to be released on friday the 14th of October. Somehow involved into this great piece of music, I contributed the first Cemetary-story in a long row which will hopefully be continued.
Beside of this you will find also tons of amazing interviews, reviews and shortstories in this premier edition of Gossendelphin (which means "gutter dolphin", by the way).
Of course this is a really good reason for a party and so we celebrate it next friday at the Trickster in Kreuzberg with a hell of sex, alcohol and entertainment.
Let's have a look what will be the reason for the eartquake at Oberbaumstraße 11 next friday.
You will see - We have everything.
Two amazing livebands:
1. NEON BONE AND THE GUTTERDOLPHINS play RamonesPopPunk at it´s best
2. ITALIEN (yeah, that's the name of the band, believe me) - the unsigned heroes of the southern Kreuzberg-Kiez
Intelectual nutrition in a sufficinet amount:
3. GOSSENDELPHIN - THE LECTURE with the famous members of the Gossendelphin-Crew like Don Chrischan, Der fette Mann and Gary Flanell

And last but not at all fucking least -
amazing awesome entertaining show with special fireworks performance, a REAL CHIMPANZEE and a great Rock'n'Roll-Rampage-DJ-Set with Rudi Radau.

So do not hesitate and come to
Trickster at Oberbaumstr. 11 in kreuzber next friday
Start: 9 p.m.
Entry: 3 Euro (incl. 1 piece of Gossendelphin-Fanzine)

This will be our generations's Woodstock!
If you miss this, you will regret it for your whole life (which will end 2012, as we all know).

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