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Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011

Graphic novel presentation: Subz-funny place Israel

Dear folks,
just would like to recommend you the presentaton of the graphic novel "Subz..." of israeli comic artist Gabriel S. Moses.
Funny place Israel - of course we know the boring life of teenagers and young people in american and european sububrs. Growing up somewhere in middle-class-boredom far away from the big cities. Ttotally safe in a material way, but still filled up with teenage angst, enegry and the will to break out of a predictable way of life. Not really conscious about your future. And the only way to escape and to express your uncomfortable feelings is to make parties with your friends, take drugs, form a band, scream all the shit out till every curious neighbour knows you and your strange friends. It seems to be the same everywhere. Does not matter if you are in in the middle of the US or in a small town in North-rhine westfalia, black forest or Thuringia - but Israel?
Even in one of the hot spots of the world you have the problems of middleclass kids in a similar way. Kids in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, not far away from the frontier to palestine, but still safe in a pretty unreal world - and no way to escape.
That's the setting of the graphic novel "Subz-...funny place Israel", which is the second release of Gabriel S. Moses at Archiv der Jugendkulturen. Similar to hhis first book "Spunk", this one got lots of autobiographic references to Gabriels Youth in the small town near to Tel Aviv.

So, you want to know more about growing up in Israel?
Then you better not miss the presentation of Subz with a movie and discussion with the author next friday.

"Subz-...funny place Israel" - presentation of the graphic novel of Gabriel S. Moses.
when? 07th of October, 9 o'clock p.m.
where? Spuntik-Cinema,
Hasenheide 54,
Höfe am Südstern,
10999 Berlin
(U7, Ubhf. Südstern)

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