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Samstag, 18. April 2009

First blog, first try

Yep, the first Posting here at renfield-fanzine-blog. Großartig, as everybody says here. What will come in future in this blog?

Well,  I think there will be some infos about the RENFIELD-Fanzine (although this is a blog, RENFIELD is MAINLY supposed to be a printed, copied fanzine. If you want one issue of it, come to Berlion and buy one! If you are ony hanging aroudn at your computer, read this shit, but you will never experience the whole Renfield-World).

Ok, let's see. RENFIELD No. 20 is out now and as there are quite a number of Reviews that have been written for the last 19 numbers, I think it would be a good idea to publish these reviews here in the blog. This could be ok for the bands and the label guys- as a sign that we really care about your stuff and if you need these reviews for any kind of research, you can get access to them here. 

Of course there will be other things, you will get the chance to listen to some of the legendary Mit-Tim-Drin-SHows on Ok Berlin (with great and famous guests in the studio) and we think about some kind of "Bands without fans"-section, or you may call it also the "bands that word forgot"- Area. This is just for bands that made it o to ne Demo and nothing more. Split up after that, got otu of creative petrol, were victims of a robbery etc. This could be the space for bands that never made record, but made recordings. In a studio, in the rehearsal room somewhere else. And if you feel, that these recordings are to worthy not to be forgotten, just get in contact with me, so the world will find them here. 

me, personally, i played in a bunch of those bands. bands wiht wonderful names like SCHLOiDERTRAUMA, CORRODING LEAVES, KELLERBAND, ESEL, SCEPTIC JAZZ, MERCEDES Z. I think one or the other Demotape of these will be published here, too.

be prepared.

Ok, enough written for a saturday night, go oout and do what you need to do. 

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