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Montag, 6. Juni 2011

Renfield-Fanzine No.23 coming soon!

Yeah, while sweating during these hot and sultry days of early June, I'd like to have some ice cream or a cool drink all the time. Sure I will hunt after these things soon, but before I have to spread some important news regarding to the next issue of Renfield-Fanzine.
After our small and charming one-topic Supermarket-number 22,5, it is time for another good mix of Hotch, Potch and Rock'n'Roll. Renfield No. 23 got several amazing intervioews featuring The Red River Two (Vienna finest Blues-Country-Punk-Projekt feat. Rainer Krispel of Seven Sioux and Ernst Molden, the "Leonhard Cohen" of Austria),
Tischlerei Lischitzki, Elfenart Rec. (one of the coolest Indie-Punk-Labels in germany in these times), M. walking on the water (highly nostalgic, but alive again) Bob Vennum from the Bellrays talks about his first songs in life, Timo from Berlin stoner-rock-punks Drive-by-Shooting (a.k.a. DxBxSx) about hateful effects of gentrifikation in Berlin and much more.
Of course a Zine like this has to be celebrated, so take these news about the the Release-Party of Renfield-Zne No. 23.

Renfield-No. 23 Release-Party
Fr., 24.06.2011
Gary Flanell & Ella Chord (charming covers)
The Brunettez (basement grrrl Punk à X-Ray Specs and the Slits)
TRIKE (higly entertainig busking Electro-Pop frm Canada/Berlin)

@ Trickster, Oberbaumstr. 11, Berlin-Kreuzberg, (near to Oberbaum-bridge)
Start: 9 o'clock in the evening
Entry: 6 Euro (every guets gets an issue of Renfield No. 23)

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