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Samstag, 5. Februar 2011

WORTNIK - 2nd round in 2011

Dear friends,
believe me, it was not that easy to turn off the automatic hindi transcription in the headline (for all who don't know what I am talking about - have a look at the last blog) - but it worked!
Ok, I don't have anything against the beautiful hindi language, but honestly, I don't believe that somebody in middle-east will follow the dates of the cozy WORTNIK-reading, that now got its fixed place in cultural schedule of Sputnik-Kino(www.sputnik-kino.com), every month.
But I know: YOU do!
All of you!
All of you faithful souls reading this Blog of the Renfield-Zine (hopefully we will get a real homepage in 2011)every month, being eager to get the new date of the mighty mighty WORTNIK-READING at Sputnik-Cinema.
So take these brand-new and migty informations and spread them into the world!
NEXT WORTNIK-Reading with
mighty Don Chrischan (Pankerknacker-Zine, Weltraumschrott)
mighty David Visconte (Schlammrock-Zine)
mighty Andreas Monning
mighty Leovinus
and mighty mighty more...
mighty musical support: Gerrit Meijer (guitarist from PVC, Berlins first Punkband ever, www.myspace.com/pvcoffiziellebandseite)
8.30 pm
Sputnik-Kino, Hasenheide 54, Höfe am Südstern, 10967 Berlin

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